(WIP) 3 New Beats (1 trap , 2 Pop) , Check em Out! (F4F)

Leftcoast 808

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Havent posted in a while but been working with a shitload of beats stocked to be mixed , mastered and structured.

Just wanted to post a few from recently , especially pop-ish beats(wondering if they're overproduced as far as melodies , counters , etc) for criticism , none are mixed (blew out headphones , sent em out on warranty) , structure not finished / unttagged / unproper drops , until headphones back (+ new tag).

Feed 4 feed , drop links



Constructive criticism much appreciated.


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I like dat 1st beat. but I would like to hear mixed version. hard to tell something else, cuz structure is dope
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Listen to the 3 beats , the second is the best imo , sound clen and nice melody and energy , cant judge the mix right now cause im not on studio monitors.anayway your 3 beats are dope overalll , keep up that good work !