Will ALTERNATIVE ROCK build up to the level of ROCK?????


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I think yes. Like Indie-Pop which was born in the UK and has developed into one of the most followed music genre, so i think yes!

What is your say?

What do you like in Alternative Rock?
Doubt it. It has been around for sometime and it's not hitting the charts still.

The rock industry has been pretty bland over the last few years to be honest, with the exception of a few artists. Even still, the popularity for the genre itself is going down. People are getting into hip hop and electronic more. It's a trend and I really doubt rock will become more popular soon.
Its actually sad that so many artists jump the bandwagon. Music used to be variated, now it all sounds the same.
i know what u r saying is absolutely right.........lets see if this beautiful genre of Rock picks up in the future. Check out The Chagrins - facebook.com/wearethechagrins, they r dedicated to indie-pop like very few other bands who dare to venture in this territory, i listened to their song called ZODIAK - youtube.com/watch?v=cGAyV8zDkxo
Alternative Rock had an immense level of variety in the early to mid 90s. There were a ton of stinkers, but not nearly as many as there are now. I think mainstream music as a whole has become tearfilled baby gibbering or the equivalent of nursery melodies given heavy/badass tones/beats. Agree or disagree, I think alt rock served its purpose but no one's really stepped up and made it cool again. The Mars Volta are doing a bang-up job, but they're really just laying the experimental groundwork for the next wave of "rock." Whether we call it rock or not doesn't matter, I don't see the elements of the genre dying out. Maybe the drum, bass, and guitar will slowly lose relevance to each other, but that doesn't mean the end of riffs or jams.