Why is my beat dope on my beats by dre but whoopy sounding on cheap headphones?


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Hi :)

I'm not aiming for question of the year but just starting off with FL Studio again after a long time. At the point of just getting familiar with different instruments, styles, freehand etc but I noticed that as I progress, my beat sounds proper on more quality headphones but when switching to really cheap headsets, the beat sounds completely different.

Also just looking to expand my producers network so would love to talk to someone about tips as I go along :)



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Beats by Dre are not monitoring headphones. Your main mixing should be done on decent monitor speakers, but when you use phones, you don’t want anything with a “hyped” bass response. Beats by Dre are entirely bass hyped.

Read up on room treatment, monitoring, mix translation, and headphones. LOTS of information right here at FP. But my educated guess is that your productions sound great in the Beats by Dre, but anemic on anything else, because your tracks are bass shy if you are using the Beats as your main listening source. In other words, they’re fooling you.


PS— Every set of headphones and speakers will sound different from the next. You have to anticipate that in your mixing, and shoot for a middle ground. After reading your post more carefully, I think you definitely want to do some reading on “mix translation” (making things sound good everywhere, not just your preferred listening set up).
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You need 20-20 "vision" cans too (20Hz as the lowest frequency for the low end, 20Khz for the highest of the high-end frequency). Cans as in headphones with those recognized frequencies.
Asl there is a myriad of software out there that does stereo field correction, RMS loudnsess correctness, and different media format correction so you don't ever have to worry about that wonky, janky-skanky,
sound ever again.


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All of the above!! Mix translations is a big one. Sometimes you need to cut/enhance certain frequencies you didn’t think to before, it’s also about keeping that bass in check (low frequencies are extremely powerful and can throw off the balance of your mix, etc. Plus, when properly mixed and you run your beat/song through a decent mastering chain, it’ll start to sound great no matter where you play it! Mastering helps big time. Also some Beats By Dre cans are actually okay for mixing and referencing IMO, like Beats By Dre Pro (once you get used to them).