Why do people say Fl Studio is the best DAW?


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Then you need an interface of some kind, and just like USB mics, they come with the tools to do just that.

FL Studio is the only one who does not need you to keep buying their newest version, in fact, the fruity lsd is suitable to give you most instruments of high quality, if you actually do know how to apply studio equipment correctly.

The thing is that some want the Sound of their favorite artists, without going through the study and efforts their hero did.
That sound sits in DAW, whatever DAW you choose. The consumer market pushed the manufacturers to deliver top quality DAWs.

Just like music is free for whoever knows internet and Audacity, and movies are free for whoever knows how to search, we also won that race. There is now an overkill on possibilities.
It all comes down to gaining knowledge and experience. And all the information is on the web.
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3 and a half years after my original statement that studio one was the "best" daw well they had a chance to be great but they blew it by not listening to the community that uses the DAW

I tried FL ...the nomenclature is what makes it hard for me to navigate and a lot of the 2-3 step workflows, that other DAWs can do in a single step, get redundant

Still use SO for mixing but have since moved to Ableton for production. The dedicated, high quality controller and time stretch algos have something to do with it. Ableton still needs scale lock for the piano roll and a few minor things to keep it competitive

In the end, its true, there is no better DAW. Fl is the easiest to crack so we know how that became a thing. Once you develop your ear ...you can pretty much do anything in any DAW..it's just a matter of how good you are at navigating the DAW that allows you to be quicker. I think now-days speed is the qualifier for what determines a DAW to be good or the best.

Ableton: great atmosphere with clips and arrangement mode, some of the best native plugins, great dedicated controller but the piano roll needs a boost and the browser is terrible

FL: appealing UI to most, great drum sequencer, native plugins are mostly cheesy and nomenclature that doesn't allow cross-DAW understanding, also multi-step workflow that should be unnecessary these days

SO: great for syncing outboard gear, drag and drop function, browser is a new standard, autosave....SO still crashes a lot, developers are trying to make everyone happy so new features that are useful are rare, controller was wack ..SO shines more in the mixing category and they even have dedicated mixer boards

Pro Tools: probably, honestly the GOAT but more suited for mixing, film scores, foley and file management ...not so much for loop based production although if you can stand the workflow it is definitely possible

Logic: cant say much...I dont like the cheesy aesthetics ..other than that it's just SO without the drag and drop

Reason: press the tab button and tell me why you want to be doing all that in your DAW?