Why And/Or How Did You Come To FP?


I came 'cause I feel the forum needs older heads who know Hip Hop.
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Young Scrimmage

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I wanted to experience a community that all ultimately had the same goal, same aspirations. It's nice to be able to jump on here and get any question answered regarding VST Help or FL Studio assistance. Really is a neat community i'm proud to be apart of!



Musician and Producer
I was looking to meet people like myself and share in the production journey. I'm happy to say future producers is helping a lot! :)
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Crate Digger
I remember clearly that It was around 2006 when I found some "9th wonder samples" thread here, through google. At that time I was trying to learn 9th wonder I guess. I lurked for few years and leached samples until I decided to join the community. Still one of my go-to sites when I wanna read some shit about music. These days I rarely log in, because all this alcoholism is taking all my time.

Leadius Maximus

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I came because I want to network and hang out with other EDM producers around the globe. We can chat about music, listen to each other's tracks, maybe give each other feedback, encouragement etc.


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I read the forums all the time and figured someone could help me with some of the issues Im having in my studio.
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I am a true believer in surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. I look forward to trading and sharing knowledge and experiences!


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I am a new producer. I hope I'll be able to meet other passionate producers and discuss with them about production and clarify my doubts about gears and other technical stuff.


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I look up "Music Forums" and this popped up.

I came here because I feel that I came become a better musician and a better internaut. Plus this forum may serve assome kind of nostalgia to me one day. :)

Trout Beatz

Hiphop Producer

I googled "producer forum" and looked around a bit until l stumbled upon this gem of a site! Came here for the good vibes, to get some constructive criticism and just talk with other like-minded people! :rolleyes:


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I joined up because i'd like to get feedback on my music to become a better producer. I'd like to help any other people i can with the knowledge that i do have and find other producers to share collaborative projects with. Who knows, might even make a friend.

Amusing Music Inc

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I was on YouTube looking for platforms to network and promote, and someone had mentioned FP as the leader in Production-based forums. And now I'm here.

The YouTuber was either Curtiss King or Busy Works Beats (shout-out)


West Coast Rap Producer
I came to FP way back looking for others producers like myself online. I trolled for a minute then created an account. lol.

I remember FP was very active back then and I learned a lot about industry stuff (eg: placements, the state of the industry, etc) among other things just by following threads and using the search.