who inspires you to make beats?

charlie morgan

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Who inspires or inspired you to make beats?
alot of producer will hate me for saying this but DJ mustard for me, I like the spacy type sound he has and also the drums.


James brown, capcom/namco. Square Enix too.
Also Tecmo, dead or alive 3-4 basically.

Hm...Childish gambino caught my ear few years back too.


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For me it's DJ Premier, J-Zone, Pete Rock and so on...and yea i enjoy only making a old school ones...


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Is it too soon to mention Carnage??? If so then it's just Mike Will, Needlz, Madlib(oddly enough), EL-P and DJ Khalil... I don't make beats anymore though. I just practice everyday


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Awesome! 808 Mafia is a huge inspiration for me.

For me, I'm a product of what I listened to growing up and even now. I'm not trying to sound cool/unique when I say that initially bands like The Offspring, NOFX, Anti-Flag, Bad Religion etc etc got me into wanting to be into music. Then trap music came along in like 2010. Then I heard Grove St. Party, found out who Lex Luger is, and that dude HAS to be my biggest inspiration. He is for a lot of people!


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I got into beats when I heard Numbers On The Board by Pusha T, it got decently popular and when I heard it and thought that it was so simple but sounded so good that I could make something like it, so I tried (I failed) and eventually got good at making beats. So in that sense I could say that Kanye and Don Cannon inspired me to make beats.

But the people who truly influence my music the most are T-Minus and Cardiak.


I say my biggest inspiration would be 40, kanye( he may be be dick but the man's talented lol), just blaze, trap music(just the style in general), i'm starting to really get into house music a bit, and call me crazy but quote unquote "wack rappers" give me inspirtation because they show confindence and drive can really get you anywhere no matter how good or bad your music is


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I've always loved music and I've grown up in a music- settled family where everyone played an instrument or played an instrument at church. Iplayed many instruments at school and I also play drums at church. But what made me start producing beats or who made me want to start producting beats was Zaytoven for his churchy background and Metro boomin for his creativity and crazy dope beats :)


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I am most inspired the piles of unknown people Soundcloud with double-digit followers who are quietly creating stuff that is ten years ahead of its time. Access to that is ten times more important to me that hearing the latest Beatport hit...
the akashic record inspires me. If I say i'm going to make "this" type of beat or "that" type, nothing ever comes out right. Making beats for me is almost like a form of meditation. In an extreme state of "flow." Programming beats doesn't work for me either. I have to zone out and whatever happens, happens. Same with lyrics and vocal melody.
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DOOM, Madlib, Dilla, Larry Fisherman, Kanye, Erick the Architect, Sweet Valley, The Avalanches