Which Producer influenced you the most to start maikng beats?


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Dr Dre someone i admired a lot in my 20's and now in my 30's. Skrilex stood out to me as well but Dre definetly more of an influence on me despite my sound not being like him at all.


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I made some Trance 10 years ago. Not really a single producer that inspired me to make music, I just wanted to try it out. Then I stopped making music, and about 2 years ago I played the game Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. And this is the game that got me interested in gaming music, and that expanded into cinematic, epic and trailer kind of music.
Last year I tried to make something cinematic-ish, and now I feel like I want to do something in this industry, so started my channel and filmed the progress.

So yeah, not really 1 producer that got me into music ☺️


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I wanted to rap. Made some bitd. Started making a few beats to rap over. Stopped for 10 years and just started making beats again. No real inspiration from a producer but just wanted a non destructive hobby.


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Well it all started with Swedish House Mafia for me! But then I found this YouTube channel and I actually learned what I needed to to be more successful and actually know what I'm doing.. Go check out this channel! It'll help anyone from beginner to pro! Here's the link: Just a moment...


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808 Mafia! I was making beats before them but after they got hot in 2010, 2011 I've focused more on learning the craft.


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I did it for the Love of Music. No famous Producer influenced me, i actually got into it myself with the help of a friend who was really into it and he pretty much showed me the ropes in FL Studio https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/. He showed me how to sample and do drum patterns in FL, after that I started teaching myself everything else. It was pretty nice to begin with. Specially when you got lots of friends interested in the samething. Things seem to fly. But now its just me by my lonesome and Im still doin great practicin my craft.
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