Which mic for record in car

Gerold Bach

New member
I have no nearby quick solution to record my vocals for rap.
I tried last time to get into a leasing car with my laptop.
But I think I had a bad mic. But it cost 60 euro. Wtf.
I will show u the mic soon.
But maybe u have a quick solution for proof good quality.
The car may has extra power to get.
So maybe I am not bounded to only USB.

Thank you guys.
It fu.. Cks my head but I need to do this like this.

Gerold Bach

New member
marantz professional mpm 2000 U is the MIC i have now... I watched a yt video where a guy first normalized the frequency and then put a compressor and one or two other stuff into his DAW. .. maybe this would work with this MIC also?
what do you think?

* to close to my MIC in the car,
* no piece between mputh and mic
* bad DAW recording settings
* bad earphones when mixing
* no idea what i am doing haha
* fu___ck

Can you give me a bulletproof tip for recording in my car?