which headphones to buy?


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Hi guys,I have couple of questions. Hope you dont get mad at me for the location of my query.First question is related to headphones. I am not sure which ones to buy. I am producing music so I would need Monitor headphones with studio sound quality. my price range would be around 100 - 150 EurosAm I wrong if I say that I really like - SMS Audio STREET by 50 Cent On-Ear Headphone https://showbox.tools/ - that in the product description say that have studio sound quality. Or I have simply fallen for a marketing trick? I have read some good reviews but I am sure that people on this forum would have a much better insightAnother thing to consider is that I dont have a great amount of money and very possibly I would sometimes take those headphones with me outside on the street. Feel free to instruct me I am really looking forward to your answers and be very honest. If its not a great idea to take monitor headphones outside with me on the street let me know about that too. Another thing I was wondering about and if anyone that sees this knows please answer - Is it possible to use NI Massive on 2 different computers with different operative systems?Thank you very much and good luck.