where is the "official" track to review from ManoOne??


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I know this is the unsigned artist area and each of us can easily post a "come check out my track" message here..
but I was looking forward to the review kicked off by ONLINE DJ.COM staff...to start the ball rolling.
I saw several requests...not all in the proper format..but still there.

To all of you who are trying to get your track reviewed by the staff here on ONLINEDJ.COM officially..please read the instructions on how to post a review request.

and maybe then ManoOne or one of the other regulars will select an artist for us to chew on!!



mano 1

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yeha, these past two weekswere crazy, none of us had a chance to pick one or two request.

Thanks for pointing this out FUNKYG, following the rules will help people to direct rheir track to our way.

Take care