When your not producing?


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Work, study, soccer, weed, girls and beats, yes even when I'm not making beats. Haha.


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Sounddesigning, searching more production knowledge, gaming (Anno, Age Of Empires 3, Minecraft, and now I've discovered Space Engineers), looking for more music, studying for my driver license, etc.


God's Baby
movies/tvshows (when I need to really just kick back), try to learn something new, music related of course. Once in a while games or I'm studying the Bible.
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IPM Music

Aside from all things musical, I really enjoy cooking, spending time with the wife, the occasional movie, and seeing my friends (bar, bball or soccer, beach, camping, BBQs).


Usually handling creative work to pay the bills.

I work for Create Build Win | as a visual designer with a partner.

Meaning I work on projects across branding, digital, mobile, and web.

Few recent examples :



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Just Clauz

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Most of times I'm with my wife and kid. And if not, I'm playing Skyrim, or Deus Ex.
Aye, I played skyrim to death. Not perfect, but still a great game. Anyway I watch alot of Game of Thrones. I tend to rewatch the seasons over and over again.


been working a lot lately so dont get much time to do much else apart from sleep. get the odd day i might do a mashup, remix or work on some graphics then usually chill with friends