When writing rap lyrics....


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What about 4... words? It's different to story I think. It's just a balance that you need and depending why your making it... Have to ask what do you want people to hear from you
I know this is late but, always go with a story when putting the most effort. You can always add rhyming aftewards and the flow is just your groove when rapping too.


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It depends from time to time..

I wrote a very intimate LP.. all in few weeks.. I had a lot of personal stories to let flow out.. so, that time STORY took the weel..

Otherwise, when a cool BEAT hit me in the right spot.. I'm not even able to tell WHAT i'm talking about.. it's all about the FLOW..

And I like this.. :)

Ashton Chance

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Since I cant post normally, can someone give me some tips with this. I HAVE TO make it as good as possible.

My Father Is A Prick
Why Bother With Fixin Him
When I Oughta Been
Slaughtered An Hitten Him
For A Canvas He's Written
In With His Sickenin Venom pen
Thits Drivin With Twisted Shit
Like His Need To
Fit His Dick In A Chick
While His Puppets In Bed Sick,
Ridden With Syphilis
Given From Him
My freind had been Smitten
An when she attempted
To mention what had been
Hidden i had been
Lied to my mind twisted
By his lies like *******
Accuse trynna get ya
Bills So i lied to get this
chick kicked
Out of class
now I ask
If I can Make Amends
For Hating a great friend
Clean Our Canvases
an Fill Em With Glad Shit Instead
Of Adden To Bad Shit
Let's Try To gladden
us like nothins happened
Trust im fuckin saddened
That i let him crap in
Our freindships fastened
Quarters still it happened
And im sorry


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It's all in the flow for sure, the flow can dictate what your next line will be. It doesn't have to be meaningful or have a story it can be complete nonsense, if you're more musically minded than you are lyrically then you'll write a instrumental and you could in theory just ad-lib over the whole lot and it'd still make a decent track.


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Really I put a lot of focus into the general feeling that I'm invoking through my rap. I guess that would lean more toward delivery, but I think all of the things you listed contribute to that.


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