When people take music way too seriously


This is something I've noticed with a lot of musician friends and people on this forum. I think something we all need to remind ourselves is at the end of the day all we do is entertain, if we entertain an audience our job is done.

You should be able to laugh at yourself and your work sometimes. It has taken myself a while to fully internalize this and i think it's the only way you'll stay sane.

This is just a simple thought i wanted to share.


While there is nothing wrong with entertaining and/or being an entertainer the underlying issue is there are people who, when the word entertain is mentioned, immediately think that music that is entertaining and people who solely wish to do so is devoid of intellect, or, in Hip Hop's case, unconscious. Art and entertainment doesn't and shouldn't have to always be serious, nor does it have to be propaganda. I don't mind being entertained but I'm a selective consumer.
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That's because they're left-brained and the pursuits of the right-brained are mysteries to them.


On a related note, I find a lot of music very funny.

It's good to try and have a touch of humor in your own music, and to know when to laugh at other people's


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I just watched The Room last night and the crucial point to me was when Wiseau (I think that's the name) had to make the decision as to how to react to his extremely serious project being laughed at. Damn that's such a difficult position to be in, no matter the choice, my heart goes out to all who take a chance and put themselves out there for scrutiny. It's like getting to the top of the mountain just to see you're only in the foothills.
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