Whats your favorite type of beats to make ?


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Looking to hear some good beats and i know they have some engineers/ producers on here that makes good music. So drop a link or social media link just for others to vibe out to.

Make sure to say where you from?

How long you have been into music ?

Who's your favorite artist ?


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Right now, I'm pretty much in my Boom Bap phase. I still have that Southern/Houston flavor and the Bone and G-funk influence, but that old school east coast stuff is what I'm on right now.

I'm in Houston, TX.

Been into music all my life. Went to college for audio engineering in the 90's. Signed with Mo Thugs as a recording artist and producer in 2008. Worked as an in-house engineer for Mo Thugs and Swisha House.


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I'm lo.class from AZ born in MKE. Been making music for bout a decade off and on. Favorite artist right now YBN Cordae the kid is nice and knows his history and has meaning behind his bars. Favorite type of beat to make is soulful but this trap shit been having me compromise my style. Trying to find me again.


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Hello, Ace World!

I am Carolyne from Germany. I`m actually new here so I have 2 or 3 more post to do until I can post a Link.
I also like Eastern type boom bap Beats and Futuristic Hip Hop Beats.
1 of my favorite Artist is 50 Cent, Da Brat then I like Wu-Tang and Cypress Hill and some more MC`s from Germany like Juju, Shirin David or Loredana has got cool vibes.

I wanna all invite you to visit my Homepage which is in the signature.

Ygorsunny Jean

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I'm from Boston

Been making music for about 8 or 9 years.

I feel like it would be weird to say that I'm my favorite artist. but yea.


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No particular favourite artists


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I'm from Bermuda.

I've been on and off production for like 3 years. but I love making lofi- hiphop. Simple and relaxing.

In regards to favorite artist, don't really have one. ?*♂️


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My favorite type of beat to make is electronic and video game soundtrack-based! I'm from the Boston area of the USA. I've been into creating music for 5 years and have been distributing some of it for 2 years. I get inspired by many and love to listen to and support my friends' music, so it's hard for me to pick favorites... but currently (more like for a while- ha ha), I enjoy listening to Jhameel!


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I'm from Bermuda.

I've been on and off production for like 3 years. but I love making lofi- hiphop. Simple and relaxing.

Yeah, hip-hop beats are great for sure. I love to listen tracks without words, and then mixing it up with words, when needed. There are plenty of audio resources online, where you can get that type of music or audio streams, like online resource called Traktrain, which I've discovered recently. They have plenty of hip hop beats, some other genres, and audio streams as well.
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Alright guys, UK guy here. I've been making music since 2005. I make mostly 2000s style Hip Hop with acoustic drums, mostly East Coast feel.
Make it all on Renoise tracker.
I've only just started uploading my tracks to the net since lockdown. Been meaning to do for ages.
Favourite producers is easier than artists for me - 9th Wonder, Salaam Remi, Dj Quik, Dr Dre, Organised Noise and Preemo to name but a few!


I think finding your sound is super important. Therefore this thread is so underrated.

I make chill, rnb, rap type beats. Kinda sad vibes sometimes. I think it's cuz I went through a lot of personal ish earlier in my life. I make music from the heart, that's how it should always be made.

I also make come-up music because I'm very motivational. Trippy beats I like as well because I feel like I'm a very unique thinker and it reflects my reality questioning mentality.

Benny Kyree

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Underground soul/jazz beats are my favorite to make. I’m from Delaware and I’ve been making beats for 10 plus years. My favorite producer right now would have to be alchemist. He’s killing the game.


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Soulful beats are my favorite.

I was earlier mostly influenced by the 00's sound from like Kanye/Just Blaze/Bink/Heatmakers and the whole Roc sound. Although it became a trend to sound like a 90s producer in the last like 10 years. I do a bit of that to but i still use vocal samples but i don't pitch them up anymore. I just make slower beats now which i find more respectful to the Original artists.


I'm into SiR and Brent Faiyaz type beats now. That might last for a while because it just feels so natural. I know myself though... I hate getting comfortable.

I'm just outside of Toronto
Been making music for 10+ years
I'm heavy into R&B, so Brent Faiyaz and 6lack are my favourites at the moment.

Check out my latest release:
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Southern Poland here, been doing this for over decade. I love newschool beats.
Here's one of my best babies I made this year: