Whats Your Favorite Genre To Sample?

LiL Renzo Beats

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I personally like to sample songs from movies, cartoon ect, Soul music of course, and classic rock. What genre do you guys tend to lean toward when sampling?


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Soul music cause that's the sound i'm trying to bring back with my beats. I truely believe Soul music is the best music genre of all time.


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Soul music and Jazz music are the main ingredient. But when i'm feeling adventurous I like to try New Age or ambient (Enya type piano music, celtic music, neo-classical etc). or some like French accordion music, or some cheezy Kenny Loggins/Michael Mcdonald era 'yacht rock' and 'easy listening' records have good cuts in the slower songs. Sad folk music, particularly with female vocals can have some real gems. I also think about all those 60s psychedelic bands in the style of the Beatles, the Who, the Beach Boys, the Zombies who experimented with sounds and recording techniques.. Oh and Soundtrack scores. particuarly from the 1960s-1980s.John Barry, Ennio Morricone etc.


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I like stuff without music but with action and weird sounds. I like the music of the mundane act of coughing while closing a door.


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Jazz is bread and butter. It's very rare I touch Soul music, because everyone does it and most of it is sampled already. I started out doing Soul, but quickly went with Jazz. I like Latin music and obscure soundtracks as well. And Japanese of course.


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I love sampling from movies but lately I am obsessed with just recording a conversation, find a couple of words that sound good and pitching/distorting them to fit my track.

As for sampling music, my go to is jazz - no doubt!!!


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Lately I am into sampling acoutsic guitar parts of some of my favorite metal bands and filtering it until I get a cool sound.


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Depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm sampling vox and breaks for days then I start to look for random samples. It's ever changing.


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That often mean 80 and 90's rock and pop

because I don't dig it
I can go wild and break it
in a million


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It varies depending on what mood im feeling, but usually it ranges between slower 70s funk/soul jams. There are the occasional times I would chop up and flip industrial noise tracks when I want to experiment outside my comfort zone.

Sarah The Great

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I like sampling spoken word stuff, sometimes it's cheesey dialogue from movies, sometimes just random stuff. Recently I took a line from a Ronald Reagan speech and built a house track around it. It was fun