whats the Cheapest place to buy acoustic foam ?


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LOL, I'm actually interested though. What is so bad about acoustic foam? and what should I get for removing that nasty echo thing. It sounds like a tube reverb from FL Studio


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LOL, I'm actually interested though. What is so bad about acoustic foam?
Density! Rockwool is denser, therefore much more effective compared to a layer of foam of similar thickness. Do as others have already suggested, don't go after those pyramidal eye-candies and you'll be happy ;-)


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If you want ot buy acoustic melamine foam, i suggest you to purchase it from SINOYQX. Since SINOYQX is second largest melamine foam manufacturer and provider after BASF, you can buy block or processed small size melamine foam at cheapest pricing but qualifed and wonderful services.
whats the Cheapest place to buy acoustic foam ?


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You can try to DIY some acoustics panels with towels, there are some video about it and about his better absorption than foam, it worth to take a look.


I have a bit more experience with an acoustic treat. I hear its demonstrations from vendors who recommend their products. It helps to know how your room responds to sound using an RTA mic and noise measure software. Sound travels through the freaking air by vibrating it. In every direction, the music you listen to reflects and goes through surfaces like walls, tables, floors, and ceilings. It reverberates, echos amplify and or cancel sounds out. A well-treated room will simplify the production process by giving you the truth of your mix. Un-treated places tell audible lies for you to mix, and mix, and mix...

Therefore, it helps to have a goal to accomplish when using acoustic treatment to create the sound of your space. Even if your studio is a bedroom, you should take note of its natural tone. It helps to know how it affects what you hear coming out of your speakers. I would also recommend having more than one set of studio monitors and in different sizes. All studios should have a subwoofer for mixing lower audio frequencies. It will be time-consuming to mix without these tools.
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Ebay is your best bet; don't overpay but don't get the cheap stuff either. Think I paid ~£100 for around 72 12x12" panels from a foam/matress manufacturer, Pro acoustic i think they trade under. I did 3 walls and the ceiling. Definitely helps, if you place one side of your head near to the panels you can hear (or not hear, in this case) the lack of sound bouncing from the panel. If you're spending £500+ on monitors you may as well spend a bit more and have it right. Can't comment on rockwool, but seeing as most people work out of their bedrooms it isn't an ideal room-within-a-room situation to begin with. It's not gonna be perfect but good speaker placement and a bit of treatment goes a long way.