Whats the best way to learn professional 80s style mixing?

Dominik Karkowski

New member
Hi guys!

I am an 80s music producer myself, but my mixes usually don't sound professional (because i don't know what i'm doing haha)
What is the best way to learn how to achieve professional mixes in this case? (without having to pay hundreds for a course....)



You can get an idea just by listening. A lot of the mix sound was due to the sounds they were using... Lots of electronic drums and analog synths. And obviously gated reverbs.

One thing I've noticed is music was not as bass heavy as it is now. I mean the bass is there, but it's not emphasized like it is today.

If you have any interest in pleasing today's music consumers, I would recommend you do an 80s hybrid.. you can use similar sounds as they did in the 80s, but make sure the bass is prominent or it will sound weak. Bruno Mars and the weekend have some 80s hybrid type songs.