What's a good MIDI controller for me?


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Not sure if this is the right place to post this kind of thing, let me know if it isn't.

I've wanted to get back into playing music for years now and I've finally got time to start learning again. The problem is, it seems like choosing the right MIDI controller is very dependent on your requirements. I've spent hours researching and I still feel like I know very little.
Anyone willing to give their 2 cents on MIDI controllers I should consider buying?

Some info about me:
I used to play piano (only about ~4 years, clarinet for ~6) but it's been so long that getting the exact feel of a piano won't matter too much. Any piano skills I once had has left me. That said an 88 key hammer action would be ideal. No graded hammer actions though, the graded weighting is something I always found weird in real pianos. Something like a Kawai VPC1 would probably be a total waste on me, I imagine.
It's going to sit next to my desktop indefinitely, I have plenty of space. I have almost 0 experience with MIDI controllers, DAWs, etc. I intend on learning. I'm tech savvy (I'm a software engineer) if that remotely helps.
I'll probably only get a new controller once/if the one I buy breaks. Pretty happy to spend cash on a higher end MIDI controller. I'll spend a few hours a day playing.
I'd ideally like something that's good for playing a wide range of sounds/instruments (aftertouch would be a good idea?).

I was interested in the NI Komplete Kontrol S88 and the Arturia Keylab 88. I think the LEDs on the S88 might help me get back into playing quicker? I like the Keylab's pads although I imagine I could just get pads separately if I went with the S88, if I realised I really needed them. They're almost the same price, store bought, where i'm from (Australia), from what I've seen. S88 is only about ~120 USD more.

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