What to include when selling beats


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Hi everyone!

I've been working for about a year on many beats that I've created and now I'm starting to clean them up and getting the ready to sell.

However, I'm still unclear on what I'm providing someone when they buy my beat. All I know right now is that i want to provide my beat as a lease.

I understand that if someone wants to buy exclusive rights to my beat, I have to provide the track outs (correct?)

so if I'm posting my beat for lease, am I providing an mp3? a wav or both?



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Be The Luxury Choice - You don't need to spend the time offering stems, tracked out parts, or Pro Tools projects for free beats or leases, but what you can do is offer a pre-mixed uncompressed wave file instead of a lower resolution MP3 like your competitors do. It costs you nothing and takes no extra time to associate yourself with being in a higher tier of quality and professionalism.. (from this website)