what to do when a beat is made by yourself is getting alot of radio play..how do get


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So a song i made a beat for has been getting alot of radio play latley locally...so my question is where do i get my money from eveytime the songs spins do i have to be with ascap or bmi...please let me know..thanks..


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by radio, what do you mean?

college radio?

commercial radio?

is it mixshow?

or is it in rotation?

just because your song is on radio, doesn't mean you get money.

But to get money you need to be with a PRO (SESAC, ASCAP, or bmi)
With most of the royalty companies i.e BMI PRS etc. They can get you money from like 2+ years ago.

I think this is correct, I was told that when signing up to PRS here in the UK.