What to achieve and how to achieve? Your goals, objectives? Read!


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So, as a producer, musical content creator, I believe I have the sensibility to write this thing, since I am also an engineer about mixing and mastering...


1st. why are you doing this? Look, analyze yourself, your objectives...
2nd. How are you doing this? Music is not about content, mixing, mastering, performance only, but also marketing, if you image is not good you won't sell your stuff about music;
3rd. money only? Hard, money is important, we live with money sure, but if it's 90% of your passion, stop. Why I am saying that? Because music needs motivation, care, good intentions, efforts, if money only and you're not satisfied you'll be not motivated and everything will be bad;
4th. My music career are bad, I will give up, and now?! Stop! You can also do a plan B, also C, D, E, but not necessarily will ruin your career, why not to do for example another service, gain money and invest in yourself?!
5th. Listen, hear people, don't accept everything, filter things, but also be democrated;
6th. Be good, be kind, be gentle, always, humility brings you up, but a lot of humility will drive you back, since people will make you fool, so stay ok, stay humble, but analyze;
7th. Look for information, study, and please, don't try to do everything if you can't (yet), do the mixing, but look for the mastering guy or vice-versa, well.

Some really quick tips, I hope you enjoy, feedbacks? Criticism? If politely done accepted. Have a blessed time people!