what kind of music do you like?


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ok, i've seen threads about things like "what kind of music do you mix?" and so on, but i haven't noticed anything about "what music do you like?". so i decided to start the thread. just post what you like to listen to.

i like:

666 - alarma, diablo, amokk, bomba
dj dero - the horn, the horn 2000, the train, tekno, the launch, do the rave stomp, in my house, ave maria
yazoo - don't go '99
mauro picotto - iguana, komodo
iridium gold - nightmare
mario lopez - the sound of nature
johnny vicious - ecstasy
aquagen - partyalarm, tantz für mich
paul oakenfold - almost everything
paul van dyk - almost everything, especially tell me why
atb - 9pm (till i come), don't stop, the summet, too much rain
u96 - das boot (original), das boot 2001, night in motion
eiffel 65 - blue
darude - sandstorm, feel the beat
love inc. - you're a superstar, broken bones
boney m 2000 - daddy cool
2 unlimited - no limit, edge of heaven
dj jean - the launch
ultima - why does it always rain on me?
rollergirl - make my day, you make me feel like dancin, ole ole singin ole ola, dear jesse, rollergirl
alice deejay - back in my life, better off alone, the lonely one, waiting for your love, got to get away, alice deejay
trance allstars - ready to flow
dj tandu presents ayla - singularity (brainchild iii) radio edit
hurley & todd - sunstorm
sash! - rock the block

ok, that's a long list, but i just couldn't do without naming all the songs instead of just naming the bands. i listen to most of these 24/7. seriously, no one at home really likes that i listen to such music all day long. really, all day long.

to name my absolute favorites out of the list:

top 5

1. mauro picotto
2. dj dero/666
3. atb
4. alice deejay
5. rollergirl

in general, the more bass the better, but almost anything will do. bass just makes it better.

looking forward to reading your's.


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Hi Kavalake ! :)

There's already a thread on that subject in the "Music of the digital age" forum, click HERE to go over there ! ;)