What is the best music distribution company to copyright my music ?


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Hello guys,
What is the best distribution company to copyright my music ?
Who is the fastest distribution company to pay you ?

There is so many, so far I have tried CD baby, I was reading so many bad reviews about them.

Some said they take 6 months before your songs even reflect on the report for youtube content id ?

I have a few songs that went viral but need a good distribution company.


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To register the copyright for a musical work you need to contact the relevant law firm.

In the United States, no law firm is necessary. Only filing paperwork or having Internet access. But I don’t think that was the OP’s question.

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I'm not sure how you copyright your music, but I think it automatically gets released under a creative commons license. How much that covers you ass, I'm not sure so I'd double check that if your songs are blowing up.As for distribution Ditto are really good. I've personally used them & they distribute your music quickly + have a publishing arm that collect your royalties from radio, shops, TV, film etc (whenever it gets played or used). So they'll basically handle all the royalty collection for you.With others you have to join PRS (in the UK), which is a yearly subscription to collect radio & shop royalties etc.There's a few others you can use, like Distrokid & Landr I haven't heard anything bad about either.If you need more in-depth information about the best music distribution companies to choose from, check this article:Best Music Distribution 2020: 11 Services You Should Know About
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I'm using DistroKid and I can't complain.
But isn't your music copyrighted automatically when you are uploading it to the distributor?


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Use amuse! It is by FAR the best distribution service. Here's why: it's free. You also never have to pay to "renew" your tracks/albums. The only downside is that waiting for a release takes about a month, and you cannot make another release until your previous one is out. In my opinion, this is a small price to pay for free distribution. There is also a paid version which eliminates all of these setbacks, and is still WAY cheaper than other services. I use amuse for my music, and I'd HIGHLY recommend it.