What is a VST [Virtual Studio Technology]


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The VST format is actually VERY innovative.

We take it for granted to just "load up a plugin"..

VST was actually created by Steinberg, and allowed any audio company to use the VST format, and has allowed the audio industry to be COHESIVE.. (Very similar to MIDI!)

Steinberg (creators of Cubase), REVOLUTIONIZED the audio world, and it's been amazing, hasn't it??!!!

VST is awesome because no matter where you work with your audio (FL Studio, another DAW, or your video editor), you can easily use your same VSTs you're used to, if the program supports VSTs (which most do).

That's why I suggest grabbing a good set of plugins.. You can keep using these plugins day-in-day-out, and truly become acquainted with them. You will get REALLY good with manipulating audio.

Here's some useful links about VSTs and what I always try to tell you guys..