What Instrument/Sound is this?

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Sounds like some kind of cymbal or gong, with a bit of pitch bend. Pretty sure it's mostly used for Japanese opera / Gagaku.

You can hear it at 4:09

And again at 13:43

and probably a lot of other places.

Through researching, the closest thing I can guess is maybe a shoku (Shōko)? But I can't verify if it is or isn't because I can't find an example of what a shoku sounds like ANYWHERE. Please someone help!

Also, is the sound at 14:07 the same instrument or something else?
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Hi-pitched, waaaaaaaay in the background? The Shōko is basically a piece of thin metal, very high; you could use almost any small metallophone as a substitute. If you want a real pitch-bending gong, you want a Wuhan gong (used in Chinese opera, they are what Wuhan *used* to be famous for, pre-pandemic).

Example one (video at site) has a brief exposed Shōko at about :08 seconds:

Here is an example of a Chinese (Wuhan) opera gong: