what do you think bout this rap???


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80tude,nobody talks to you,but tonight somebodys talkin to u,its me,m smuuks...
(verse 1)
i saw u wen u tried to suicide,picked up your 9 n said goodbye
i saw u pawnin yourself in shops cuz there was nothin u could buy

when your mother chide u cried,no one wiped your eyes
u was 9 years old child,there was no one to support u,just bricky

walls behind you
u were broke,rude
and hurt,u had no fortune
even worse u had no hopes beside too
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craved a fame but sadness was all you bought
tried to get hapiness but couldnt pay its cost
pain rains in yo heart,it turned black and its packed,
now u face it oft

yo attitude was nuisance,i saw u starvin when u couldnt pay yo home rents
ridin alone with empty pockets,wit no cents n no friends
u just craved a hearse

breathin with the froze heart and bleedin nerves,screamin
louder than the rage of surfs,sayinE doesnt gets what he deserves

i heard u screamin in the cells in which u were trapped up
dyin dreadining cryin beggin,yo yelled what if i dont become rapper.
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