What Do You Love Or Hate Most About Writing Songs?


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What goes through your mind as you write songs.. Is it that feeling you love no matter what you're writing or that feeling like damn.. I hate when this or that happens.. Share your thoughts with us


When I write I don't compare myself to any of the pros who have made it in Hip Hop as no artist has control of the cultural landscape he or she develops their artistic identity in. The only thing that goes through my mind is how I surprise myself with my dopeness.


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I write sometimes and often find myself frustrated. I don't compare myself to other artists, whether big names or not. But I feel like all of my stuff sounds the same as the last stuff I wrote. It gets really old really quickly. I may just not be approaching it correctly or I'm not getting inspired enough, but it's not often that I write anyhow.


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I go through a lot of those "I hate this verse" moments,
but there's a certain feeling I get when I know when a verse is ready to record.

and I just go off that feeling.

Moke and Eed

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When I write I typically have some kinda reference going on in my head and such a good familiarity with my DAW that I can whip together an idea for an entire song in a day........ Fine tuning everything is a pain in the ass, though. Making sure all the notes are on beat, EQing the kick just perfectly so it punches through the sub, removing all the mud, getting the levels right, getting the waveform to not look like a spikey mess of kicks and snares. All that stuff that seems like minutia is actually super important for a listener (even me when I listen) so you always get that shit situated correctly. Transitions, effect wetness, EQ, compression, pannnig, all very important. I won't release "trash songs" so the post-production stage of music is the most time consuming and boring. Every song is a new learning experience though so sometimes you gotta just release that shit and move on.

Also something I find frustrating is not being able to find good answers online, everyone seems to have the "right way" to EQ a punchy kick or compress a snare, but they're all different. You never know if they're mixing punk, or blues, or rap, or metal, or EDM which are all mixed in completely different ways. Since I'm into trippy electronic music I gotta search through "EDM" tutorials to help me get the kinda sound I'm looking for and if I'm lucky I'll find something sorta similar to what I want. You can't get a room shaking sub bass using jazz bass EQ techniques...


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When I write I usually take an emotion, or a theme and then I play melodies that come to mind when I think of those emotions. From there I start to build off that by just playing around with melodies that fit the context of what was written. I find that I lose track of my mind, it's rather out of body.


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My quirk with writing is that I tend to be in one mode or the other.

Sometimes I want to write, but not record. Other times I just want to sing but have no idea what lyrics to sing.


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I absolutely hate when I finished my first verse, made a one-day-break, and then go back to the lyrics to finish them.
Most of the time I can't keep up with the level of my first verse and I will never be as happy with the second verse as with the first.


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I love writing lyrics all-around. The only thing I can mention is sometimes I make a beat first and then write lyrics to it, or I write the lyrics first and tailor a beat to them... But I always have extra beats/lyrics around ready to go.
I always try to avoid that. As when You wright, You will start to think, and when You start to think You are disconnecting from real You. :)


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i get into the emotion of the song i'm writing a lot. and most of my songs are pretty sad. i write them while staying up for days at a time pacing around like a lunatic. but from these manic like episodes come songs that i really enjoy.