What do you actually do?


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I'm in the military. Leaving next year to do a degree in Audio Engineering. If that fails I think I will end up doing something in IT. Maybe network administration or something.


I am a Electronic Games Technician II @ a casino in Oklahoma and I make beats and I am moving in about 3 weeks to open up a recording studio in Texarkana, TX. I plan on getting into real estate when i get there as well.


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work at a Vetrans Hospital in the call center... where i promote the care of our nations veterans... and fund my music

work at a corner store part time... where i also promote my music

go 2 community college.. where I promote my music more than I do my homework

produce the music that i spend so much time promoting


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kippered beef jerky is actually pretty disgusting, i wouldn't recommend it. maybe if you know beforehand, like, you go into the situation with a mindset like "ok, i know i like my jerky kippered" then go ahead. but i don't really think it's that good to be frank.

sir sikk

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im a jr./sr. in high school..and i basically trap my ass off to get $..but my dopeman just got arrested so : No Work For Me!..so im now tryin to make $ producing hit records...

nahhh im jus fukkin witcha..i am a jr./sr. tho..and im broke as fukkkkkkkkkkk.


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I am a music business consultant. generic term, i know. Pretty much people come to me looking for good music, and I find good music a home. I sometimes manage songwriters, producers, and artists, but I call it consulting. I usually don't take a cut, but I get paid no matter what. Sometimes I take a cut, depends on the budget and the project. Pretty much, I play middle man alot and link people together. What I do is complicated to describe, it's something you need to see. Spend a few days around me, and you'll see.

But prior to that, my last job was in the army. I was discharged in oct 07 and been working as a consultant since. I was mobilized to active duty in june of 03. and I was delievering pizzas back then. I remember that I really enjoyed it. I worked for a friend of mine who owned the spot. I made an average of a tax-free $75 a day. and only worked 5 hours a day. easiest job I ever had! plus free dinner! made usually $1500 a month, too think about this was the happiest time of my life. young, independent, and single. This was before the Army jaded me.


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work at a Vetrans Hospital in the call center... where i promote the care of our nations veterans...

We should talk. How do I get more money for stuff!! I'm rated at 60%. I wouldn't mind jumping that up to a 70% or 80%.