What do you actually do?


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Work Fatherhood

I Design and do motiongraphics. Father and bout to be a husband soon but i still get my beats crackin.


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i study computer programming and electrical engineering (including digital circuit design) so that i can learn how to build audio equipment, both analog and digital, plus audio software programming. i do this at columbia, which is supposed to be a good school, but these days i spend too much time smoking weed and making music to actually learn much.


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noblewordz said:
Oh no doubt, don't get me wrong I have plans to go back, I ain't given up.

But I need to find a job before I can go back and get my GCSE's (we don't have GED's).

I work for a University, if you need any help finding a course or information on funding let me know.

What you'd want to do is an Access course, these take one year and are equivalent to Alevels, meaning once you've finished you can go to uni if you want. Lessons are usually done 6-9 twice a week.

I can show you how to get the course for free and your travel paid for the entire duration. Just let me know what you're interested in studying!



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I'm a grown ass kid...

I run a big specialty sports and toy store at the beach. We sell inline skates, kites, skateboards, kitesurf, kites, beach chairs etc.. its a real cool job since u are at the beach everyday, most people are nice, cool staff etc... + good pay, the downside is that i work a lot

I also throw parties and organize events..


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The Winner said:
I’m currently studying law at Stanford University in Palo Alto California where I’m working towards my JD/PhD. I also work for a marketing company during the days and work as a live-in councilor at a boarding house for drug addicts. My music is my side hustle that I hope to help fund my way through school. I’m not interested in becoming famous, or being a legend or anything that is grandiose of the sorts, I’m just good at composing original music and I’m hoping others will like my music enough to help get through school so I can help other artists and producers when I’m practicing law in the entertainment business.

Thats dope, i applied to stanford, don't know if ill get accepted though


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Office Clark during the week
Radio Dj on the weekends
both jobs are sweet kuz i really just sit around and play computer games and make beats while im at work most of the work gets done on day shift and i work at night on the weekday job and i work at an oldies radio station im there right now Im gettin paid to listen to the Saints & Eagles play and read fp lol. When Im actually on air its just a diggin opp to me.
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in medical billing(mostly working...also have done some consulting)
currently transitioning into IT(which i have been doing on the side)....


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Mortgage Loan Officer (8 years, same company).

Have a great degree but haven't put it to use yet.

Wish I was makin more coin....like pizza delivery money.


Full time college student going for my pharm d degree.
never party on weekends bcuz that is my down time i have to get my producing on.


Working but trying get to school (just kinda figure out what to do)
I got 2 jobs
1 callcenter
2 second helping people who aren't able to do their home
like cleaning cooking etc

note the second job is a summer job
the callcenter is my regular


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I work at a Krogers right night stocking...I hate that **** but for now its that and school,I love this music **** so much but...you know...chances are...


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Create software for intelligent UAV flight systems... UAV will house neural networks research experiments that should autonomously fly the plane. Nah, seriously... :)
i work in flight simulation, but i can't talk about mine cuz they'll have my arse
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