What do you actually do?


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Hey fp fam

I been wantin to know, besides music production, what do you actually do?

working? studying? hustlin? just producing?

there probably been a thread like this but anyways...:

What do you actually do?;)


sexing your mother
Still looking for a job. Should have stayed in school.

Make a lil bit of cash doing this and that, nothing that's gonna get me locked up tho ;)


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Trying to get through high school with a high gpa. LOL. IM in 9th grade now. Soon i wanna try to make money off of producing.
work, but im looking to go back to school next year for my second degree. i'll be studing either art, film, or music, haven't fully decided yet.

I work as a marketing manager for a somewhat large corporation.
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Precious P.

noblewordz said:
Got an vacancies? ;)

If you speak German, yes, LOL

xtraclip.com said:
What does your company do Precious?

Translation service, mainly for big companies in the US that do business with German customers/companies.
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Payroll Accountant - well, that's what they call me...

When you look at your paycheck and you have state unemployment and state withholding taxes taken out... some guy has to get that money to the state so that they can pay the people that filed for unemployment and pay for programs that your state runs with the withholding portion... that guy sits in a cubicle with some other people and that guy is me...

... if you don't have the money to the states by a designated deadline... they start to penalize and send big huge ASS-TED fines to your company...

FINAL VERSION... - check it out...
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Create software for intelligent UAV flight systems... UAV will house neural networks research experiments that should autonomously fly the plane. Nah, seriously... :)


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been teaching english in japan for about a year now,live near tokyo at the moment but am gonna move down to the southernmost island in a couple of months.