Welcome to the new site, post like crazy! (announcement)

mano 1

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This is the new site!

. Lots of musicians and producers will be interviewed in the near future
. New "Music Portal" where you can submit all the best music sites of the internet and search for information
. "New Products" updated daily, where you can check everyday what is being released (music software and hardware). We are getting the news directly from the manufacturers, in advance.
. More products will be fully reviewed

Better loading and experience:
. Minimalistic layout
. Only using a few graphics used
. Use of templates and Server Side Includes (SSI)

Bigger, faster community!
. Using PHP scripting and a MySQL database
. Email notification when someone replies to your posts
. List of members

Post like crazy! Come here everyday to check the discussions and add more life to the site!

You can post about ANYTHING in the forum called: "Everyday Chat" if you don't feel like talking aboutmusic today.

Thanks for your support,

Manuel Clement