Walk On By - ninety4 : Feedback For Feedback!


Interesting sample pitching, i think it works well and it's original. I think the hard left and right pans should be moved a little more center for us headphone users, no one seems to consider us lol. Bass is good. little distortion in the left pan (i think it's a brass?). it would maybe be a little repetitive if it was any longer. The intro was a interesting pan, could have been nice to repeat that somewhere in the beat over the main vocals. Snare was a little too standard for me. Overall some good work and enjoyable to listen to.

Feed me, I'm hungry :(


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Not bad, You've definitely got something. Think you should add a slight delay and reverb to the vocals, just to stop them sounding so static.
Also the drums sound quite static, so try adding (again) a slight bit of reverb to help it sink into the beat abit better as for the Bass kicks, they need hit alot harder so i'd go for a new sound for those altogether. Nicely structured though, Keep at it.

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