Voyage in Paradise, the world's first top artist-enhanced "listen-to-earn" project

The world’s first global top DJ and artist-enhanced “listen-to-earn” project - Voyage in Paradise (ViP), is co-developed by Catheon Gaming and King Pillar Limited. The project partners with top DJs and musicians to bring audiences an all-encompassing music experience on the blockchain.

ViP aims to foster an authentic, symbiotic relationship with listeners and musicians. Listeners will be rewarded for listening to curated music, artists will be able to co-create an engagement ecosystem with their fans, and producers and artists will be able to release their music in the form of NFTs on the blockchain. Additionally, NFT holders will be entitled to access rights to related tracks and albums, and music-related perks and giveaways.

In the U.S., the music industry generated $43 billion in revenue, however, only 12% of the revenue actually went to the artists, while most of the value leaked to the distribution platforms. Empowered by the project’s revolutionary features on the blockchain, the barrier between artists and fans in the traditional music consumption model will be greatly reduced and unlock possibilities for new avenues to enjoy entertainment. At the same time, blockchain technology will help redistribute value back to the creators and the consumer, creating a more sustainable ecosystem.

ViP recently announced a few major milestones:

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