Virtual synths

Nexus probably the most popular and highest quality vst out right now, lots of dope leads in there. Expansion packs are really good too.
Cheers peeps, looking to get maschine and i want to complement it with some hot synths. Any of the native instrument ones any good?
Three of my favorite free synths are Nitrox, Atlantis and Oatmeal

The default skin for Oatmeal is rather fugly, but a quick search through the forums over at KVR will yield a thread or two containing loads of much prettier custom skins. Don't let the first impression throw you off though, it's a hell of a synth. Nitrox and Atlantis are both amazing as well with flexible modulation routing. The sounds I've gotten with these three synths are definitely on par with things I've heard people getting from pricier plugins like Massive. It surprises me a bit to see that these three aren't mentioned quite as much as other freeware.
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synth1 is a pretty decent freebie, i use it for most of my synths. sylenth1 is also a good commercial one