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I've always been interested in video, but never really knew where to start. I think video and music go together great. The main question i have is, how do you get cool effects on the screen, there's so many examples, but one is "Blow Ya Mind" by Styles P. Is doing stuff like that the same as Movie Maker type effects, you just click the one you want? So does anyone know of any site that's like the equivalent of Tweakheadz is? I'd search, but i don't even know what its called.

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my favorite and affordable video production program is adobe after effects, its really easy to get clean looking effects added into any video, as long as you can learn the program and you are a do it yourself kinda person, if not, pay someone to enhance your music videos. i think a site you might like is called

my vid was made with adobe after effects - check it -

nice beats
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Adobe after effects is great for motion graphics and special effects. Although it comes with a great many knobs, the sky is the limit in terms of plugins you can get to make it do what you want.

It *does* take time to learn.


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Vegas Movie Studio is da Bomb. Not only is it Professional, but ALSO, it's easy to use. You can easily find yo' way thru the buttons . . . Try it:cheers:


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One way 2 learn, u hav to EXPERIMENT mo' and mo'. Neva Stop . I have a Friend who does summ Amazin Magic usin Windows Movie Maker, can u imagine!!! Sony Vegas Movie Studio i heavily recommend it. Truss mie, it aint difficult 2 use, it's professional too. TRY IT!!!!!!!