Using the MC-505 Live



anyone here use their mc505 for live performances?

how do you like it? and what is your setup like?

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I had the MC303 for a long time and used it on stage once for a concert (I was the keyboard of a metal band for a year :)) and it worked pretty well. Hooked a keyboard controller to it (Roland PC200MkII) and I was all set.

Although it is not DJ stuff, I can say the all realtime interface was very handy for the stage (quick pattern change, quick filtering and also program changes) and the package itself is good (it can be transported in a small bag).

The 505 should do even better since it is more stable. Although I don't use grooveboxes nuch anymore (once you start using high end synths and feel the difference, you don't want to go back), I am sure you would have fun on stage with it.

Now if you are more into sampled sounds (hiphop, rnb, jungle, triphop, etc..) my advice would be the KORG ELECTRIBE-S

link here:

It is a very cheap sampler/sequencer with a great sound. It also has been recognized as one of the best drumboxes out there. It is a bit like the MPC2000 AKAI but a bit more user friendly.

Good luck


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The Korg and Yamaha stations are cool too, but I still want the 303 bassline. It is still the coolest.


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kool, Ive got an MC303 got it when they first come out, yeh I like the infrared real time controller the mc505 has, its kool, My song sunseeker as can be found at
was initially created on an MC303 with a KORG PROPHECY ,
though it got taken to New Age Studio's in london for a polish,

I think your MC505 is kool, got it hooked up to a computer?

I just take samples from the 303 now, though Ive played it to death, the buttons hardly work anymore, specially the shift key! :(

kit list used on my album at

Behringer Eurodesk
Korg Prophecy
Roland String Ensemble
DJ-70 MkII
Akia s3000xl
BOSS guitar fx
ZOOM 1210 fx
Roland Juno 106
CUBASE running on the atari 1040STE

though of course u dont need any of this gear, you can
make a cool enuf tune on your mc505 and your pc

Its not what you got its how ya use it ;)



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fluxtah said:

Its not what you got its how ya use it ;)

So true!

Whooa. Big setup you got there.

- HeHe. I don't actually OWN a mc505. I've just tried it a few times hooked with my computer. When you use it with a sequencer (I used Musicator) the transistions are sooooo smooth. You can just hear the filtersweeps are precisely as they were supposed to.
The TB303 bass sound is the coolest thing to hit the planet since the Cup for the lefthanded.


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Kool DJchriss, there fun little boxes to use, and also they can sequence MIDI kit great too! I used to use my MC303 to control the DJ-70 and the Prophecy when i didnt have the Atari, though I prefered it becuase I had to do all my recordings on the fly! straight into a Tascam 4 track tape recorder................ thank god for Hard disk recording!!!

Kool!, yeh the DJ70 mano has served me well for sampling purposes, its not fun to program though! not enough buttons for my liking! though I made some kikin tunes with it, and I see how it can be used in a live situation, wow! i didnt know Daft Punk use it! coooool

Overall I think the MC505 could be a neat thing to play live, specially if its only a small performance, u should be able to record MIDI information to its onboard sequencer from cubase, Ive transfered many songs back and forth via MIDI.... and the MC303 coped very well at sequencing the DJ70 and the PROPHECY together!