Using KRK monitors with turntables

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Hey everyone! Its been a while since I've been on here I've been very busy... But I have a quick question. I have krk rp5's that I have connected to my computer through an audiobox interface...I also have turntables and a behringer mixer and I want to hook up my monitors to use with my turntables... I've seen many people do this but how do I go about doing this?


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I have a similar setup. More details would be helpful like what kind of ins/outs you're using/have for the mixer, table, etc. If you just want a connection between monitors and the table go:
(TT => Mixer)
Turntable (w/ RCAs) => Mixer (using the RCA ins on the mixer or use the 1/4" ins on the mixer along with RCA (F) to 1/4"(M) adapters)
(Mixer => Monitors)
1/4" Main Out on the mixer to the back (XLR, 1/4" or RCA) of the KRKs. You can work around whatever cables you already have to connect the mixer to the KRKs.

Hope that wasn't too complicated.


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I have these KRKs hooked up to my Rane TTM-56s.

The way I do it is a little different. I have the turntables connected to my Rane Mixer. Left turntable into left channel and Right turntable into the right channel. I output a 1/4'' to 1/4'' cable from my mixer into a M-Audio Fast Track Ultra inputs. The Fast Track Ultra outputs into the KRKs. This way, i can use my laptop to record my mixes using my interface and I can use the KRKs for anything I input into my Fast Track Ultra. So I can also output a MPC through my Fast Track Ultra and Use the same monitors that i use for my DJ setup. I can also record them through different channels (say you want to drop your beat on the MPC and scratch on a DJ setup). Its good :)