USB turntable and FL Studio. Possible to record scratching?


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I just picked up a USB Turntable to scratch with in FL Studio because I'm writing dubstep. I wanna get some legit scratching in my tracks. Seems like linking this controller directly to Fruity Scratcher produces no results. Is there any way to scratch a sample and record that into a track using a USB Turntable? I would really appreciate it because I just took the bus all the way downtown to pick this thing up lol.
Did you set up FL to recognize the TT as a device?


Yea. On second thought, the turntable came with this program and a registration key: Deckadance 2
Deckadance. I'm sure that rings a bell. Seems like I can use it as a VST plugin OR standalone to DJ with. I'll see if it works and post back in this topic for the sake of completeness. Brb lol