USA musician needs help/ suggestions for banks to collect royalties from GVL , SENA


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Hello to all and Happy New Year,

I’m a musician based in the USA and I’m looking for a bank that has no wire transfer fees. I’m registered with SENA and GVL in Europe to collect my neighboring rights royalties and my current bank is Truist. Truist charges me a wire transfer fee of $25.

Do any of you USA producers out there collect royalties from these societies (PPL GVL SENA )and what bank do you use? Any ideas

The good news is that I have money out there but it’s in small increments and SENA with send the money when it gets to 5euros. They won’t hold it. When they send this small amount to me it I loose $14 from the wire transfer fee. Sucks.

Hoping someone will have an idea or solution for me
Thank you

Anyone have any suggestions on a better bank to get the money wire transferred when it’s their distribution time. They don’t do PayPal or Venmo.