Twisted Fantasy F4F



Had this drum track on the back burner for a while, just finished adding melody. (needs properly mixing).
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I really like this one! Yea, its pretty weird, pretty hysterical, kinda dark. I know what you wanna express with that and I feel it. I dont think that theres too much in it, its just right. Good work.


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Really eerie I like the vibe behind sounds, not sure if its meant to be a beat sounds more like a stand alone instrumental.


Definitely an eerie track, but there's nothing that compelling about it. Like other people said, at points you need to simplify and maybe add more melodic elements.

Mixing is really good though, even if it's not something I'd ever revisit :). Keep up the good work.
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Crooked sound

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This beat knocks! Sounds simple, but i know it isn't haha. Easy to rap over. The mix could have been better (as you said). But all together pretty dope beat. Good job!


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damn, thats some scary shit... not a big fan of this horrocore style, the beat feels claustrophobic, maybe u were goin for that, but im not a big fan... the drum rolls are nice tho... just need better spot in the mix to be brighter...

keep it up mane and sorry, but im really not a fan of the style, but its nice executed...

i finished my "Call Me" beat u gave ur feedback, in case u wanna se the finished track, heres the link[feedback-pleaseee-]-473881/#post49779742




This is probably the last version i will post up on here before i start mixing properly and writing vocals for it.

Last chance to give feedback and help guide my final product to somewhere awesome!
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pretty gd reminds me of a linkin park styled production.. it's different keep it up (btw if u do vocals, i think u should make them a distorted styled mix)

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This beat has a scary feeling.
Really different from all the other stuff.
I like those scratches.
Mix sounds good to me. The kick could be a bit mor knockin.
Anyway nice stuff!