TWENTY88 - Déjà Vu. How did Key Wane process this sample?


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Its always difficult to find out what exactly went through a producer's head when they made a beat :P

I tried messing around with the sample. You have to be like a detective and listen for all the sonic clues.

Firstly, I strongly suspect he sampled the intro of that song...everywhere else too difficult to extract that sample from the drums. The sample was pitched down no more than -200 cents. If you play Deja vu's intro and that sample side by side you can figure out how to tune your sample if you do not have perfect pitch like me.

Secondly, the sample has some sort of stereo delay on it. Mono out Deja vu and you will hear the sample phase in and out. The vocals saying what sounds like "no no no", I have no idea where he got them. Those were likely recorded and dropped in pitch. He then added some sort of flange effect to them.

I had much difficulty extracting the guitars from the intro even with careful mid-side equing.

Instead of eqing or filtering he could have used a similar technique to 40 and reduced the sample rate to remove some of the highs giving the sample a very vintage feel. I am yet to master this technique but I'm sure there is info on how to do this online.

Hope this helps :)
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