Tutorial: How to find the tempo of samples aka counting bars


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and the winner is... doing that shit manually in one of reason's many built in samplers that make you wonder why they even made recycle in the first place..

Because I only check FP a handful of times a year I didn't see this until now. The reason Recycle was created is because this was hard to do in the early 90s when Recycle came out on hardware samplers. Recycle predates Reason and Reason didn't even get audio sampling until version 5. It didn't get audio tracks until version 6 unless you count the side DAW they made called Record which tied into Reason during Reason 5, but that was totally ditched again for Reason 6 or 6.5 I forget. Before that Recycle was the only way to get audio into Reason. Reason has come a long way. As someone who originally learned to make beats on Reason in version 2 seeing version 10 is culture shock.


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using the bpm/tempo tool in logic will give it to you. alternatively drop it into serato or try a bpm finder on google. you basically tap along with the track and find the bpm