Tutorial: How to find the tempo of samples aka counting bars


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Hey guys,

Logic also has a function for metering the bpm of samples. It's called Bpm counter.

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i'm not sure if this is sarcasm, but im specifically referring to making a sampled beat and how to get the project tempo to match the tempo of the sample.
Both you and Bandcoach are on point. My tutorial is very general but a real drummer (someone playing a real drum set) isn't going to have perfect timing its just not humanly possible vs a computerized sequencer some beats will be off just naturally even by the best drummer. How this works with sampled beats is usually we are sampling live players. Time stretch often also helps correct these inconsistencies in timing. I use this technique because this is how I learned how to sample back before DAWs had tap tempo standard. I would count out 4 bars put the loop in my sequencer and adjust the tempo until it looped perfectly then I would take that tempo and chop it up with Recycle. This tutorial is meant to be more on par with that technique for complete beginners who may not even know what a tap tempo is.
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Cool. I've always used maschine. You just hold shift and count to the melody and then adjust. I think it's a really easy way to catch the right tempo.


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Thanks for the info man, this definitely is a cool link to have around for reminders or for folks that are sorta new or unfamiliar with matching samples to Tempo.