TUAW impressed with iRing technology


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TUAW impressed with iRing technology
[h=4]Compares iRing to a modern day Theramin[/h]

is out now, and offers users a whole new way to control and interact with your favorite music apps and more. It offers touch-less parameter control via state-of-the-art motion-tracking technology. Be one of the first to use this amazing new technology!

TUAW is a trusted source for news, information and analysis about Apple and its products. They cover topics relevant to niches like developers, designers and others, with writers and editors that are trusted worldwide for their fair reviews. Reviewer Steven Sande was quite impressed when he recently checked out iRing:

"Ever since the invention of the theremin back in 1928, musicians have sought a way to create music simply by moving their hands. The theremin was an early electronic instrument that provided many of those eerie sounds heard in bad horror and sci-fi flicks from the mid 20th-century and never really reached mainstream. Now IK Multimedia has announced another way to wave your hands and magically create music with the iRing motion controller."

Slip on one or two of the lightweight ring controllers, open your favorite apps or either of the included iRing iOS companion apps (iRing FX/Controller or iRing Music Maker), and make music or control effects just by waving your hands. Whether you’re a pro, a beginner, or somewhere in between, iRing ($24.99/€19.99, ex. taxes) will amaze you.

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