TUAW: 4/4 Stars Award for iLoud!


IK Multimedia
TUAW: 4/4 Stars Award for iLoud!
[h=4]Steven Sande's review of IK's portable speaker[/h]

Here are quotes from Steven Sande's review of iLoud from TUAW:

"IK Multimedia iLoud portable speaker lives up to its name."

"Sound quality was really impressive, with fairly good high-end response -- something I've found lacking in a lot of portable speakers."

"As you'd expect, low frequencies were amazingly well-reproduced with this unit. Volume? Well, if there's a portable speaker that goes to 11 (obligatory 'This is Spinal Tap' reference), it's the iLoud."

"Pairing with the iOS devices was a no-brainer and Bluetooth worked well for streaming music to the unit."

"Whether you're a musician who wants a solid speaker for impromptu rehearsals or small gatherings, or just a music lover who wants a decently priced high quality portable speaker, the iLoud should fit the bill in either situation. When paired with IK Multimedia's other offerings for musicians, the iLoud rounds out a wide-ranging lineup of audio tools that are perfect for the iOS device-toting musician or music lover."

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