Trap Beat Looking For Feedback [F4F]

Mr. Fem-Bot

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The beat is good. One thing I would suggest is to look into using a different sound that you started around the :32 mark. I don't think it meshes well with the other elements. Though I feel that way, I do think the melody you chose isn't bad, just the sound. Unfortunately i'm not listening to this track with studio monitors so I can't give you any EQ-ing tips. It sounds clear from what I do hear though. One last thing is I would love to have heard something more happen with the beat. Maybe a change up to reduce the monotony. But anyway, good job!

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Thanks a lot for the tips, I'll definitely spice it up in the future.

Also dope beat you got, really inspires me to make something that good.



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The build was nice but I think it could have added more elements to it so that when the drop came in it really bounced. I think more bass so be included, but that after you eq it a bit more. I think that the hi end could have been rasied more because the whole beat sounds muffled at time. Really work with eq for clarity and compression for the bounce on the hits and kick. Keep up the good work however!

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