Transition from songwriting on guitar to songwriting on computer.


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Hello everyone. Ive been playing guitar for about 15 years now. I used to think writing songs was something you did on the guitar or on a piano. I believed you had to write a song and record it afterward in a studio. About a year ago I discovered the music of Lil Peep which completely changed the way I write my music. I discovered that writing music while I record it produces better quality music than how I used to do it. I was just wondering what everyones experience with songwriting was, and whether anyone else has made the transition. Here is the last song I wrote like this.

Roll by yusatiKo | Yusati Ko | Free Listening on SoundCloud


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I still love fooling around with a physical instrument since I can get a better idea of what's going on. It just helps me be more creative. But it definitely helps the sound quality to make the final product on a computer.


I still start on guitar. My brain battles between starting with a riff or building my chord progressions. But I take it as far as I can before going to the computer.

Vice-versa though, I have started out with some beats on the computer that helped me get the emotion and tempo of the song on the guitar. Most of the rough tracks I record with the beat get thrown out once the arrangement comes together, but it gets me started working with the computer more and more.


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I used to play around with notes and chords then record but now i hit record first then mess around with my piano because there are many times when the first things you play are gems that you need to capture before they go away.


I use to compose on my motif xs and mpc 2000. And then moved to Logic Pro X and never looked back. My arsenal of sounds are endless for songwriting and producing. Imma happy man.

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I also used to write music the traditional way with a guitar since I play guitars and drums but once I discovered software synths and midi I discovered that I write music in a different unorthodox way which opens up a lot whole new possibilities in my songwriting. Best experiences I had was fusing the 2 together and also sometimes happy accidental riffs can happen on the computer.


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Hey my name is Si. I been making music just by myself and I look forward to grow in my knowledge in music production. I’m going to school right now for a Bachelors in music production at LAFilm School. I’m excited for what I’m gonna learn and who I’m gonna meet from this site!