Trance song, looking for suggestions?


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I loved it.. i'm working on some trance now myself.. you can't go wrong with adding vocal snippets even if they don't make sense if you can get your hands on them (which I for the moment cannot)
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Some more percussion (hi-hats, shakers etc...) would give the song some more movement than the just the CHH and OHH. I like the big lead, it could use a bit more reverb/delay to get a bigger sound. The main lead is kinda ducking the kick drums, but it sounds like you programmed the notes that way. Maybe try long notes and use sidechain compression to get the same effect, but more of a pumping/gate effect, which is common in trance. Good start, now you need a breakdown!
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Thanks for the comments! Yeah its not mastered so thats why it doesnt sound perfect, just set to "dance" for now for the M class mastering suite which is a little better but far from fully gone through lol. Ill defiantly take you advise and I agree it needs more, also ill try to search for some nice vocals to mix.