Tracks used in Adidas x Transworld GoSkateDay '19 promo vid ! prod. Chef Goyar-D

What up guys, I've been working with legendary (skateboard) Filmaker R.B. Umali and recently he whipped up this dope edit for Go Skate Day 2019 in New York!
Tons of dope skateboarding, soooo stoked to see so many legends ripping to my music !!

Just looking for some honest constructive criticism on the music or even the edit in general... YouTube was pretty harsh hahah :P ! all good tho

If you or anyone is looking to purchase beats, get em here !

Here's the Video and the 2 beats used

Beat1 // Jackie Chan prod. Chef Goyar-D

Beat2 // Treefer prod. Chef Goyar-D