Touring TIP 1: So your music is ready? Visualize your Local music community.

Hi,I'm Sophie, i'm working as a touring manager / artist manager, and i thought it would be cool to write some tips.

Visualize and Understand your LOCAL music community.

  • Use social medias and use, wisely, the "Favorite" part of your web browser.
  • List all the labels and the labels owners of your town.
  • List all the places where you could play your type of music live.
  • List all the events and all the networks of the cultural life of your place.
  • List all the Artist managers and touring managers.
  • List all the Artist that you like and all the artist fo the labels you could work with.
  • Remember every faces.
  • Go to their evetns, see how it's organize and if you feel confident working with them later.
  • Don't connect with them too soon, your time will come, and it's clearly not clever to speak with an organizor / manager during their events.

Okay you did that?

What's next? Meet? Connect? How?
Touring TIP 2: Contact your local network.

So now you are better than the NSA and you know everybody. But nobody knows you ... yet.

Contact your future collaborators

  • So now you have a better view of how your local artist network is structured.
  • Don't hesitate to be a part of a volunteer team if an organizor need help to promote or to build an event.
  • Contact the label "in person", go to the label's office and come with your demo. "Ho damn, i remember your face you were in our events isn't it?"
  • Label does not have an office. Send your demo trough the network and do not hesitate to say how the events or release was cool. You are sorry your Demo is not masterised. Ask them if they want to meet in the city for a beer if they like your music. Then tell them the story of your musical project.
  • Contact the places where you could play live and maybe get some money. GO there when it's oppening and ask to chat with the boss or the artistiic manager. You are a new face, but they already have showed you in their place a couple of times. Come with your music, ask them to play 20 minutes to let them see what you have, for free, ofc.
  • Don't contact touring manager / Musical Blogs while you don't have an official release. Waste of time.
Touring TIP 3: Be humble.

So you built your team, and your EP / LP is going to be release. You are now ready for touring a little?


  • Don't do drugs / Drinks on a live stage. Because you are a rookie, because it's not Professional, because if there is a manager or any other touring / blogs / artists / labels / people in the place, they won't forget this moment when you shown your ass to the entire place. They won't fortget you... never.
  • Don't be an arrogant dude. You can try to be arrogant to balance your stress or your lack of preparation. Forget it, be simple, do simple things, smile, you are taking good time so people will take good time too.
  • Stay with the audience after your set and ask for feedback even if you don't know anybody. It will help you and lead you to step your game up.
  • Don't try to date a girl / a boy after your set. She (he) can be anybody, the your manager (yeah and we never have signed one of them after it lol), the label owner's new GF, the security new GF (and it can goes far...true story). You are a pro, show it. Let the girls / boys come
  • Don't ask more money than it was planned. You'll be banned from every list.
  • Try to connect with more people , try to ask for help for your next set ...
  • Take a LOT OF PICTURES / VIDEOS. It will be usefull to add to your little artist page.
Touring TIP 4: Getting bigger, going everywhere.

Your EP/ LP is okay, it's working not so bad, you are touring in some local venues and you are cool with that, but you need to grow.

Going everywhere.

  • List the festivals over your country
  • List the important blogs / newspapers over your country.
  • List the radios for your second release.
  • Build yourself a Press Book.
  • Contact them all. (See the Tips 1 to 4)
  • Contact some Touring manager and invite them to see you perform in live.
  • Send them a couple of invitations and ask them to reply.
  • Don't do it a saturday @ 2 A.M.
  • Try to choose a cool place and organize something cool and quick that will show your skills.
  • ask them for feedback after the show.
  • Repeat all the steps, work hard, be humble, try to stick to YOUR musical influence, don't follow the tendancies.

I hope it helped you.

Sorry for my English